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Diligent, Proactive, Relentless

We are a new company based in Copenhagen. With more than +10 years of experience in marketing and content creation we decided it was time to offer our expertise to others. 

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Knowledge, Strategi & Execution


We take mobility and rapid iteration cycles as a fundamental aspect of our business philosophy. As a smaller company without a heavy bureaucracy behind us, we are able to build, measure and learn explosively quicker than other agencies. 

 It is our mission to provide and cater to small-medium size companies; services that solves specific internal marketing problems in a highly specialised and time efficient way. 


You choose us because you are/work for an ambitious company, and are looking for a highly specialised team to solve problems with rapid implementation and efficacy of results.



“Customer centricity and long term relations are key” 

Lucas Salvatore

Lucas Salvatore

Founder & CEO

Our key priorities are customer-centricity and long term client relations. To live up these this standards, we have implemented a business structure that forces innovation and bringing clients tangible results 

I have specialized knowledge and experience in marketing, sales psychology, and customer relations. By working for and being mentored by experts including but not limited to Joe Soto, Grant Cardone & Tai Lopez.

While my burning desire is in bringing my clients results, I also have an innate passion for books where I read in the categories of business, finance, economics, sales, psychology, and marketing.

Our process

3 step process for explosive returns.


Prior to initiation, we must ensure a crystal clear translation of your companys’ mission, values and expectations are. We conduct multiple meetings to ensure a good start.


Based on key parametres and know- how of your company, we curate a specific digital strategi & timeline for reaching your goal. 


Strategy is nothing without execution. Our smaller size makes it possible react, communicate and implement immediately.

What We Do Best

Brand & Digital Strategy

Content Marketing

Customer Journey & UX

Accelerated A.I Learning

Tracking & Analytics

CRO & Lead Generation

Email Marketing

PPC | Paid Ads

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