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We help companies grow to their true potential

We understand our clients challenges when it comes to staying on the competitive edge within their industry. What worked last year, or even last month, will not ensure continual growth. We make sure you stay on the cutting edge.  

Want to Geometrically Increase Your Reach and ROI?

We cut straight to the bone. As a smaller marketing company with highly specialised knowledge in specific areas, we can quickly adapt to our clients needs.

Without a heavy bureaucracy behind us we have the ability to move quick, and to serve each one of our clients with minute detail, in both our optimisations for better results and personalised consulting.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand & Digital Strategy

Increase Brand Awareness and outreach to highly targeted & motivated audiences

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Our process and strategic development is built on your brand identity and with your most significant KPI’s in mind. We cater to customers who already is aware of their brand voice and target numbers. This will ensure a perfect match between our abilities to bring you results and your overall ROI.

We use our V.R.I.N score to assess a companys’ digital brands quality, content and true potential. We also make sure to set clear metrics and milestones from the start to ensure measurable increases in both brand awareness and value.

 It is our mission to make your brand voice crystal clear to reach your target audiences in a precise and effective way. This will be done from the start to ensure we maximise your marketing budget. 


Customer Journey & UX

Cross Channel, funnel based marketing across relevant digital platforms for increased CLV

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We use a cross channel, funnel based marketing approach. Prior to execution we go to great lengths to properly identify and structure your customer journey. The journey will be mapped to maximise touch points across multiple channels, and to properly convert audiences and to reduce churn along the marketing funnel.  

To ensure accuracy in our mapping, we use our Customer Journey Approach, or A.E.S.C.E.A.P formular:

  1. Awareness
  2. Engagement
  3. Subscribe 
  4. Convert
  5. Excite
  6. Ascension
  7. Advocate
  8. Promote

Tracking & Analytics

Attribution modelling and customised KPI reports for deep market and customer insights

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To further enhance our abilities in growing your company geometrically, we make use of cross channel attribution models. 


Combined with accelerated A.I data learning and attribution models, we can measure performance and weakpoints with pinpoint accuracy and pivot with immediate action within a very short timeframe.


Furthermore we provide detailed reporting on market trends, customer behaviour and KPI. Everything based on your specific needs.


PPC | Paid Ads

Dynamic, retargeting & look-a-like audience creation & ads for SoMe & Google. 

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We manage and create your PPC campaigns and optimise accordingly. To ensure a tangible change in results, we create audiences based on data from your market, website and past customers to find new, motivated customers. 

This includes Paid ads with Dynamic, Search intent, retargeting, lookalike audiences for targeting.

We operate on cross channel marketing setups that ensures more touchpoints, an increased conversion rate and better client loyalty.


Content Marketing

Creation of professional video content & copywriting catered to your brand & audience 

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With more than +7 years of experience in content creation & marketing, we not only produce eye catching brand visuals and persuasive copy but actually produce content that converts traffic into new sales. 

We have close connections to The Danish Film Academy and leading experts in the fields of video production, we ensure a high level of quality and effectiveness.


Our content production team is always curated to individual customers; therefore we can ensure precise execution while keeping costs low.


To ensure that your content marketing is effective for your ROI, in an ever changing digital environment, we operate under our V.R.I.N score assement:

1. Value – why do people buy from you? what do they value, why are you the best?

2. Rarity – Do you have something that is unique and stands out?

3. Inimitability – How hard can the same content be replicated?

4. Non substitutable – Can your audience easily replace your product/service?

A.I Automation

Accelerated marketing with A.I, data learning & automated ads optimisation 

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As one of the few performance agencies, we accelerate marketing with cutting edge data learning & insights from A.I.  

From data mining to automated marketing insights, we make sure you your marketing budget is maximised in the best way possible.


To ensure our marketing efforts are long lasting and ever-improving your results, it is vital to use data in the right way. Not only to look at it, but to make tangible decisions based, not on emotion or intuition, but on accurate and reliable insights from real time A.I learning.


CRO & Lead generation

Cross channel conversion rate, client loyalty and CLV optimisation. 

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We work with cross channel CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) & lead generation. Whether your company is looking for ‘front end’ leads for the purpose of building an email list, or looking to optimise the conversion of leads in the ‘back end’. 

Lead Ads on all channels is done most efficiently in later stages of the customer journey.  With this in mind, we often structure our funnels with lead ads and CRO in the MOF and BOF part. 

To ensure a succesful CRO we focus on CLV (customer lifetime value). This is mostly developing a strong back end for existing customers and creating value/content on a regular basis; with the purpose of; 1. reducing churn, 2. increasing loyalty and 3. further up-sells.


Email Marketing

Email funnel setup for increased customer loyalty, lifetime value and conversion rate

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With a strong foundational knowhow on digital customer behaviour, we know how important email marketing is. When done correctly, it not only captures lost sales, but increases CLV in the back end exponentially. 

We see Email marketing as the lifeblood of any business, as the real money is not made on finding new customers, but retaining and engaging past customers who are most likely to buy again. 

To ensure good results, we are highly specialised in email funnel creation and persuasive copywriting. Our funnel structure uses our formular K.L.T.C.C 

– Know, Like, Trust, Challenge, Convert, Hardselling



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